Jennifer Keesmaat: It’s time to rethink Canada’s housing system –

For more commentary, here is an excellent article from MacLean’s written by urban planner Jennifer Keesmaat (and former chief planner for the City of Toronto):"It’s Time To Rethink Canada’s Housing System". Keesmaat discusses the social and economic fallout that act as collateral damage in a hot housing market, including displacing.

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Group calls on city to rethink housing projects. Air Date: August 7, 2019. to bring a new brand of leadership to Canada’s most populous city. Jennifer Keesmaat, a former bureaucrat turned.

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John Tory has committed to limiting any property tax increase to at or below the rate of inflation should he be re-elected, even against the backdrop of a budget shortfall that is projected to.

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TORONTO – Rob Ford, a man simultaneously adored by his fans and abhorred by his foes as his scandal-packed term as mayor of Canada’s largest city propelled him. Yet whatever his political.

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Canadian genuine estate prices see biggest dump worldwide; How to repair Canada’s ‘ghost immigrant’ rascal problem; Everyone’s debt is about to get some-more expensive; The loo prince harry used, and other questions of ambience in a sale of Meghan Markle’s home; Jennifer Keesmaat: It’s time to rethink Canada’s housing system