What the Paul Manafort Trial Could Tell Us About the Mueller Investigation

Paul Manafort’s decision to cooperate with Robert Mueller could clarify several of the biggest mysteries of the Russia investigation.

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2018-08-01  · Politics, Government & Law. What the Manafort trial could tell us about the Mueller investigation-The New Yorker

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In exchange, prosecutors agreed that if he provided "substantial assistance" they could help him get a lighter sentence. The deal headed off a second trial. THE INVESTIGATION? It’s hard to tell.

Why didn’t government tell. later.” [Paul Manafort trial: Full coverage] A Justice Department spokeswoman declined to comment about Trump’s call for Sessions to end the investigation. Though Trump.

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A sentencing date in the criminal trial of Paul Manafort has yet to be set. Prosecutors have until Aug. 29 to say what they plan to do about the 10 counts declared a mistrial. share with Facebook

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Again, Manafort’s role as the head of the campaign, and what he potentially knew about what Papadopoulos and Page may have been up to, could be important to Mueller’s investigation. The same could.

After a long career as an advocate for political animals of nearly every kind across the world, Paul Manafort. Department. Manafort’s cooperation could mean there are more such cases involving big.

Adam Davidson writes about Paul Manafort’s first trial, which began this week, and what it could tell us about Robert Mueller’s investigation.

2018-12-01  · . Paul Manafort was convicted last August. the Mueller investigation – which has. When Gates testified against Manafort during his trial in.

Special counsel Robert Mueller has accused paul. manafort, according to the special counsel’s team also lied about money laundering, a wire-transfer to a firm that was working for him, "information.

United States v. Paul Manafort was analyzed by attorney George T. Conway III (husband of Kellyanne Conway), who wrote that it strengthened the constitutionality of the Mueller investigation. On October 27, 2017, Manafort and Rick Gates were indicted by a federal grand jury as part of Mueller’s investigation.

2018-09-15  · This week in the russia investigation: paul manafort turns state’s evidence. what will he tell the government?St. Paul After a long career as an

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